Level One

Level One

Life Management


Networking and Community Resources
Improving Self-Concept
Anger Management
Handling Conflict Productively
Assertiveness Skills
Forgiving Yourself and Others
Choices and Consequences
Basic Manners and Etiquette
Making Peace With Your Past
Financial Management
Making Wiser Relationship Choices
Nutrition Education

Job Readiness


God’s Mandate for Work
Character Counts
Respect for Authority
Attitude in the Workplace
Job Search Skills
Employer Roundtable
Career and Skills Assessment
What Are Employers Looking For?
Characteristics of a Good Employee
Professional Phone Manners
Emotions and Self-Control in the Workplace
Career Directions: Understanding What Shapes You
Presenting a Professional Appearance
Interviewing Skills and Practice
Preparing An Effective Resume’ or Employment Application
Job Ethics and Integrity
Basic Computer Skills: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet, E-mail

Spiritual Development

Adventures with Pastor Dave
Women’s Bible Studies



Dinner Out With The Girls

Holiday Celebrations