We have a new location – Miracle Ridge! Read more about it here.

As we grow into a larger home, simultaneously we can grow our ministry. Through your generosity, our Miracle Ridge location will provide an indoor classroom, office space, participant housing and outdoor serenity. The 3.5-acre property needs repairs and renovations, as well as annual maintenance. Your support goes directly to the home and upkeep. To learn more about the Miracle Ridge property click here. Thank you for choosing to support Hand UP for Women.

Life Management | Career Readiness | Spiritual Development

Do you feel completely lost and hopeless? You’ve come to the right place.

At Hand Up For Women we offer a hand UP to women who want to live a self-sufficient, abundant life free of loneliness and fear. We understand you have been through things many of us can only imagine. We believe you were created for MORE and deserve to live the abundant life God has planned for you. We’ve helped hundreds of women like you become self-sufficient, successful and full of hope.

Here’s how:

  1. Make the decision that you want to change your life for the better
  2. Work with us to create a personalized plan to achieve your life goals
  3. Meet the supportive family of women who will walk alongside you
  4. Begin classes. You’re on your way to abundant living!

Are you ready to take the first step toward a changed life?

Complete the online application or call 865-525-9696 or email [email protected] to receive one in the mail. Once we receive your application, we’ll contact you to set up an interview.

Complete the Online Application

Our volunteer instructors are the backbone of our program. They teach a variety of subjects from professional development to how to change a tire.


Every woman in our program is matched with a trained mentor to serve as her personal support and encouragement source.


We love celebrating! Throughout the year, we’ll celebrate holidays, birthdays and graduation, but mostly the achievement of our ladies.


Healing Broken Beginnings: Hand UP for Women’s Bridge to God’s Love

Isaiah 40:31 reads “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” This scripture articulates the promise of renewal and strength for those who trust in the Lord. This passage symbolizes the dawn of new beginnings, akin to the vibrance of blooming flowers and the invigorating warmth of the sun. Through Hand UP for Women two graduates have experienced God’s profound love. They have cultivated their relationship with Christ, embracing him and envisioning a future with Him at the forefront. Ashley’s Story Tazewell native Ashley Myers called Claiborne County home her whole life. Married with three kids [...]

Relationship Class Explores Building and Bridging Relationships            

Relationship Class Explores Building and Bridging Relationships February is often called the month of love. One of the first parts of developing self love and love for others is by building healthy and wholesome relationships. At Hand UP for Women participants embark on a six-week class called “Relationships” devoted to learning about themselves and working with others. While the class is not new, Tim and Jill Holder are in their first year of co-leading it. Teaching and preaching may not be how they first describe themselves, but the pair certainly know how to share the importance of all types of relationships using both of these skill sets.   Relationship Class Captivates Program Participants The class focuses on exactly what it [...]

Renovating A New Home: Miracle Ridge at Buffat Mill

To take on a home renovation is a huge undertaking for anyone. A 3.5 acre 3,700 square foot property is even more daunting. But Angela Faulkner was happy to take on the task of providing a safe, warm and loving environment for the Hand UP for Women participants, graduates and staff. Faulkner said she “took the bull by the horns and got it done.” As the project lead she had her hands full and spent months and countless hours sprucing up Miracle Ridge at Buffat Mill. A realtor by trade, Faulkner has done a variety of handiwork tasks leading home project renovations; That’s exactly what she did for this one. When Hand UP for Women acquired the Buffat Mill property [...]

Meet the Kind-Hearted “Elves” at Hand UP for Women

Christmastime sparks a spirit of generosity as people look to spread joy to others or find ways to provide a hand up. But for some women at Hand UP for Women, all year long they choose volunteerism. Why? Because their soul yearns to help others. There are a few faces at the Christian women’s ministry that may go unnoticed but their work certainly does not.  Barbara Golec Demonstrates a Heart for Mentorship Barbara has been working with Hand UP for Women for about 15 years. She learned about the Knoxville non-profit in her last job before retirement, and she thought when she retired she would come to the organization to see how she could help. Executive director, Eva Pierce, interviewed [...]

Rising from the Streets: Brooke Rogers’ Journey

Rising from the Streets: Brooke Rogers’ Journey Imagine not having a place to call home. Think about how long you’ve gone without having a roof over your head or heat. Was it more than two years? Four walls and a roof provide safety: a bed to sleep, privacy, independence and even a sanctuary. For those without one it’s merely a dream. If you have one you likely have food in your kitchen as well. Brooke Rogers has lived without any shelter or food, weighing as low as a mere 98 pounds. Through her will and the power of Hand UP for Women’s ministry she discovered renewed hope while overcoming hunger and homelessness. This is her story. Surviving on the Streets [...]

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Volunteer Opportunities

Every woman in our program is matched with a trained mentor to serve as her personal support, accountability and encouragement source. Mentors attend a one-day training on a Saturday then, once matched, they meet with their participant once a week. Written covenants are used to outline the boundaries of these relationships.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TRAINING TO BECOME A MENTOR, PLEASE CONTACT KAREN MILLS AT [email protected]!!   To get started please complete the online mentoring application or contact us.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, before class, groups and/or individuals provide a meal for the ladies. This is invaluable for the ladies and instructors that come straight from work. This is also a wonderful time of getting to know each other and just decompressing after a busy day. Some meal providers sign up for the entire year’s classes and are scheduled for the same night each month. Others prefer to just provide one or two meals a year.

There are openings in the meal schedule for the 2023-2024 class year.  Contact Kim Davis at [email protected] for openings if you would like to provide a meal.

Several times throughout the year, we will have celebrations for our ladies when they graduate, meet a goal, or for a holiday. Special treats and prizes are always needed for those celebrations. We also have a yearly fundraising gala that utilizes sponsors and table hosts to make it a success.

ANNOUNCEMENT!! One of our wonderful volunteers have agreed to take over the collecting of prayer concerns from all the folks and friends of Hand UP For Women and doing some follow-up on those prayer concerns. If you have prayer requests, let us know. If you are part of a prayer team or maybe there is one at your church and would like to receive a weekly prayer list from Hand UP, please email Karen your contact information and she will pass it along to our leaders. ([email protected])

Our volunteer instructors are the backbone of our program. We are occasionally looking for new and additional instructors in all subject areas. The night classes are on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. In the event that we begin daytime classes we will need instructors that are available during morning hours on Monday and Wednesday as well as new topics that would be helpful..