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Heartwarming and life-changing stories from A Hand UP for Women.

Class Members Fueled by Food and Fellowship

April 17th, 2024|

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” - Alan D. Wolfelt Meals have served as a conduit for fellowship and love for centuries and spans across cultures and oceans. Hand UP for Women views food as just that - a time to serve their women and show their [...]

Renovating A New Home: Miracle Ridge at Buffat Mill

January 12th, 2024|

To take on a home renovation is a huge undertaking for anyone. A 3.5 acre 3,700 square foot property is even more daunting. But Angela Faulkner was happy to take on the task of providing a safe, warm and loving environment for the Hand UP for Women participants, graduates and [...]

Meet the Kind-Hearted “Elves” at Hand UP for Women

December 12th, 2023|

Christmastime sparks a spirit of generosity as people look to spread joy to others or find ways to provide a hand up. But for some women at Hand UP for Women, all year long they choose volunteerism. Why? Because their soul yearns to help others. There are a few faces [...]

Rising from the Streets: Brooke Rogers’ Journey

November 8th, 2023|

Rising from the Streets: Brooke Rogers’ Journey Imagine not having a place to call home. Think about how long you’ve gone without having a roof over your head or heat. Was it more than two years? Four walls and a roof provide safety: a bed to sleep, privacy, independence and [...]

Finding Friendships That Last a Lifetime

August 22nd, 2023|

Friendship is often referred to as the backbone of life. Unlike family, you can choose your friends. At Hand UP for Women friendship is at the forefront of the ministry. Before Karla Johnson applied to be a program participant, she met Alisha Vasquez through Knox Recovery Court. The two befriended [...]

Earning Freedom Back

July 15th, 2023|

July is a month we’re reminded of our freedoms. To live in the United States of America is a blessing for many people, including Krystal Brown. Though she’s faced challenges, the Hand UP for Women graduate knows the importance of having rights and exercising them, including voting. “Your vote does [...]

Transforming From a Tax-Taker to Taxpayer

June 20th, 2023|

Knoxville native, Joy Bright credits the Knox County non-profit  Hand UP for Women for helping her go from being a drain on the tax system to a tax-paying citizen contributing to the greater good. Bright was on disability for eight years after a serious car accident that altered her life forever. She was injured so badly that [...]

Putting “Mom” back in Mother’s Day

April 28th, 2023|

Mother's Day can be a difficult holiday for many women, especially those who have lost custody of their children. However, their biggest hope is to celebrate the day and put "Mom" back in Mother's Day. Staff at Hand UP for Women say one of the main motivators women participate in [...]

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